Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund

Kampala, Uganda
Joined September 2023

CRVPF works in 4 countries (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda & Ethiopia) to advance the safety & rights of children and young people. CRVPF works with local-based community organizations using a cluster modal.

Presence in: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Focus: Children's Rights

Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund (CRVPF) is a child rights and social justice regional intermediary organization based in Kampala, Uganda. CRVPF focus is to provide grants and capacity development support to community organizations operating in four countries in East Africa: Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya and Ethiopia. CRVPF supports community institutions that work with children, adolescent girls, boys, their families, communities, and schools to advance their rights and prevent violence, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and providing employment for young people. CRVPF uses a cluster partnership model. The model encourages 2-5 community organizations and local NGOs to work together in a cluster partnership using one grant to address children’s and adolescents needs in a particular geographic area.