Through collective action, our members build a more just and sustainable world together.

Powered by Network members, the Justice for All campaign advocated for financing and stronger protections for grassroots justice defenders. Together, we unlocked new sources of funding and achieved policy changes at the national level. 

While the campaign has ended, our work is not over. We continue the fight by ensuring that grassroots voices are prioritized in high-level policy spaces and in the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development agenda.

Our upcoming e-learning course shares key lessons learned from the campaign about advocating for funding for grassroots justice work. Pre-register for the course now.

Justice in the African Union (AU) 2063 Agenda

Legal Empowerment Network members in Sub-Saharan Africa are calling for a justice target in the next ten-year phase of the AU 2063 agenda, alongside demands for increased financing and recognition of community-based paralegals in the continent.

Ibero-American Access to Justice Agreement

Network members in Latin America have been advocating for the last 3 years to build regional norms on people-centered justice that center legal empowerment. The Conference of Ministers of Justice of Ibero-American Countries (COMJIB) has opened a process to build those norms engaging civil society participation.

Over the last few years, Network members have been working on building a common understanding and defining priorities to improve access to justice in the region. 

Land and Environmental Justice

Network members are coming together to call for
systemically harmed or marginalized communities to have control over the land where they live. This includes fighting for communities to be able to decide what happens on their land and have access to the resources, information, and security necessary to be able to do so with confidence. You can see more about our early work building this movement.

Our Wins

The Legal Empowerment Fund (LEF) is the first-ever global fund providing urgently needed, long-term support to grassroots justice and defenders. It aims to mobilize $100 million over 10 years.


The COVID-19 Grassroots Justice Fund quickly brought together donors and disbursed $1 million to 60 grassroots organizations tackling communities’ heightened justice needs during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Wins

Several countries – including in Macedonia, Indonesia, Kenya, Argentina, and Sierra Leone – made concrete commitments towards access to justice and legal empowerment in their Open Government Partnership (OGP) national action plans. Some governments committed to funding and expanding the number of justice defenders in their countries, while others promised to improve government cooperation with civil society on legal empowerment efforts.

Our Wins

More than 300 members campaigned for the inclusion of justice in the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For two years, we spoke out at both international and national levels via open letters, editorials, campaign days, and media events. Our victory came in the form of Goal 16, which calls for equal access to justice for all.