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We make grassroots justice a reality by putting the power of law in the hands of people.

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We are a global community of 15,100 members representing over 4,055 organizations from 175 countries.

We are building a world where the communities most impacted by injustice can defend their rights and take part in making decisions that affect them. Our commitment to helping people know, use, and shape the law – a process known as legal empowerment – unites us.

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The Grassroots Justice Network is unlike any other network. For me personally, and for my colleagues at the Legal Aid Society, it’s been a source of inspiration and it’s constantly educated us. I can’t think of another platform that brings together so many regional movements and organizations. …You feel like you are part of a bigger global movement. You’re part of a global tribe.

Haya Zahid

Legal Aid Society, Pakistan

The reality of our work is that pushing for our rights and communities’ rights can be extremely draining. If we do not have lessons to learn from, it is very easy to throw in the towel. The Grassroots Justice Network has really been helpful to act as a motivator…to see that people are facing the same challenges in different parts of the globe. It gives you that nudge to keep going.

Rose Birgen

Natural Justice, Kenya

I’ve been a part of so many movements where I’ve had to be quiet. Where you have to work your way up to a certain level to be heard….But inside of the Grassroots Justice Network, everyone mattered. It almost seemed like the least of us were the ones who mattered the most. It’s been the safest place for me to ask questions but also to share and gain knowledge. It’s like a one-stop shop.

Nondo Nobel Bwami

Asylum Access, Tanzania

[The learning exchange] was absolutely amazing. It helped me develop new ways of thinking of my work and challenges. It has connected me to many new people and networks who can benefit my work. I learned a lot about best practices and got new ideas from fellow participants.

Liesl Muller

Lawyers for Human Rights, South Africa


By coming together across our specific contexts and working as a united movement, we are building a world where justice for all is a reality. Sign up or login to connect with Network members (it is free and takes less than 5 minutes)


We share best practices and find solutions through peer exchanges, online courses, research projects, and more. Our work, individually and collectively, is more effective and sustainable because of it. Our online library collects our most useful resources. Take a look.


Through collective action, our members build a more just and sustainable world together. We seek real, positive change, both locally and globally. Here’s what we’ve achieved together.

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