We are more effective and creative when we learn from each other.

We all face challenges in our pursuit of justice. We don’t have to overcome obstacles alone.

Through the Grassroots Justice Network, members come together to learn from one another. We share best practices and find solutions through peer exchanges, online courses, research projects, and more. Our work, individually and collectively, is more effective, efficient, and sustainable because of it.

Virtual Opportunities

Our free online courses and webinars deepen members’ knowledge of legal empowerment. Current and recent offerings explore methods for financing and protecting justice defenders, training community paralegals, and building community power, among other themes.

Peer Exchange

Learning exchanges and leadership courses connect members who are facing similar challenges or justice issues. The participants explore common obstacles, share ideas and experiences, and devise practical, creative solutions together.

Learning Agenda

The Learning Agenda brings people together to address key knowledge gaps in the legal empowerment field. Through comparative and collective learning efforts, our members generate insights on how to advance systems change, build community power, and fight repression.

Resource Library

The Grassroots Justice Network hosts the largest online library of legal empowerment resources. Thanks to contributions by members, you will find over 3,000 practical guides, research findings, toolkits, and more, all covering an array of justice topics.



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