Intercambios PR

Fajardo, Puerto Rico (United States)
Joined February 2019

IntercambiosPR is a community-based organization that works in the northeast of Puerto Rico. Focused on the harm reduction with people who use injectable drugs, preventing HIV and Hep C.

Presence in: Puerto Rico (United States)
Focus: Health, Right to Information

Intercambios PR works since 2008 in the northeastern area of ​​Puerto Rico by accessing HIV and Hepatitis C prevention services through the method of harm reduction and the exchange of syringes. There are established mobile routes that cover 7 municipalities of the island and an approximate of 500 participants without duplicating. In this way we access orientations directed from harm reduction, rapid HIV tests, link to related services and legal information on fundamental rights. The population of people who use drugs is constantly run over in legal processes, for this reason we access the correct information in a simple way so that people are properly oriented. The system in which we live does not take into account the complexities of many people who use drugs and use the war on drugs to perpetuate the violence generated from different governmental and non-governmental institutions such as housing, employment, education and health. We support and propose changes in public policy such as decriminalization and regulation of drugs in federal laws, recognizing that punitive laws have failed and have been paid for with lives.