Upper City Covenant Seminary and Theological Bible College University – UCCSAT

Joined January 2023

Dean faculty of metaphysics and college of humanities and social sciences. Provides direction, resources, and oversight to help ensure that the school administers research and related activities, etc

Presence in: South Africa, Uganda
Focus: Education

UCCSAT University is a legal registered Company in Uganda and Regionally and internationally Accredited in UK and USA which is higher from National Council’s of Higher education. We are classified and recognised  under Regional and International Status of higher education of commonwealth.

UCCSAT University is Chartered with: Chartered institute of Education Practitioners United Kingdom (CIEPUK) also accredited with CIEPUK, we are also a member with Affiliate and  accredited status with World Institutions of Theological and Secular Education  (WITSEA) Agency a member with 50s academic fraternity of higher education international’s that are highly recognised worldwide from 50s to date.

UCCSAT University is a member of International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education USA through WITSEA. UCCSAT University is also accredited with International  Association of Biblical and Seminaries Association UK.

UCCSAT University is Affiliated with Ballsbridge University South Africa an International University with multiple branches worldwide in USA and Africa continent approved by States, also  a member with Oxford University, UCCSAT University is in partnership with Harvard University, Cambridge University, Ohio University and Alberta  University in Memorundum of Understanding.

UCCSAT University is a higher learning institution with over 49 Faculties and Colleges in both Theological Faculties and Secular giving Awards and credentials recognised both home and Worldwide since 2006 of our service from School of ministry, Bible College to a University to date from Certificates to Doctorate Degree.

UCCSAT has higher learning Lecturer’s and Professor’s with International lectureship licence and visiting Professor’s with their own legalised Colleges and Universities worldwide. We are 89% an international online.