Lagos, Nigeria, Nigeria
Joined September 2023

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES I. To advocating for women’s and Children rights and total development. II. Building confidence to qualify women to participate in public matters in the society.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Children's Rights, Financial Sustainability & Fundraising, Gender-based violence, Women's Rights


  1. To advocating for women’s rights and total development.
  2. Building confidence to qualify women to participate in public matters in the society.
  • Projecting and planning for women’s world in our society as active players in building enabling environment for all.
  1. To bring about attitudinal positions and other changes for effective participation of women from all levels of society.
  2. Seeing women as active participants in planning, developing and actualizing policies on commence, agriculture, politics and involving in other areas of national development, and not merely serving as passive participants.
  3. To empower women to improve their quality of life.
  • To undertakes, promote and disseminate knowledge and information about women’s roles in the society, be it political, professional and economical trends that affect women’s lives and status.
  • To assist in organizing training programmes for women’s organizations and co-operatives.
  1. To develop and promote programmes with relevant agencies to train privileged women and girls.
  2. To ensure that women’s interest are taken into account in all policy making decision and governance.
  3. Liaising with relevant government agencies & international organizations in the fight against maternal mortality & morbidity at the grassroots.
  • To liaise or co-operate with any other organization within or outside the country, having similar aims and objectives with this