SFT ” A Society For Women Rights”

Saidu Sharif, Pakistan
Joined September 2023

The mission of SFT is to empowers women to articulate demand and access their rights by enhancing women’s leadership and building networks

Presence in: Pakistan
Focus: Gender-based violence

Saidu Falahi Tanzeem is a rationalist women organization born out of a need for information, activism and grass root organizing towards the empowerment of women. Today Saidu Falahi Tanzeem works to empower women and improving their status which is essential to realizing the full potential of social, political and economic development. Saidu Falahi Tanzeem believes every woman and girl should have the opportunity to shape her future by naming her hopes, aspirations and dreams. But too often, their voices are muted, suppressed, ignored. Saidu Falahi Tanzeem works to overcome the barriers silencing women and girls. Saidu Falahi Tanzeem works for establishing a society where women are provided with the opportunity to attain physical, mental, social, financial and spiritual independence by advancing the process of “Self” empowerment. The work of Saidu Falahi Tanzeem reflect on the importance of collective leadership, shared commitment, and mutual trust in building sustainable global

movements. The bold leaders in Saidu Falahi Tanzeem are not afraid of standing up and demanding things change. Our strategies are innovative, radical and catalyze the process of change.

We believe that change must come from within and we work to achieve our mission through empowering people with the information and behavioral impetus for change. Today Saidu Falahi Tanzeem is an emerging group of activists embracing the motto “Awareness, Action and Advocacy”.

As a woman organization

■ We believe in diversity and inclusiveness.

■ We form and sustain relationships that are respectful, responsive, and interactive.

■ We see the world through a gender lens, recognizing women’s ways of knowing and doing.

■ We want all women and girls to be strong and empowered.

■ We encourage women and girls to be active leaders.

■ We value women’s challenges and contributions throughout history in designing the future.

■ We value theauthenticity of women history as part of havingvoices