Maokeng Advice And Resource Centre

Kroonstad, South Africa
Joined September 2023

The organisation is a Community Advice Office. we provide legal services for free to members of the community, especially the vulnerable key populations groups.

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Community Paralegals

The organization is a Non-Profit Organization and is registered in terms of the NPO Act. We have been in existence 1989 but was formally registered in 2010.The organization focuses on providing legal advice to members of the community for free. We enforce the rights of those who has been transgressed and feel aggrieved. We also embark on human rights awareness and education. We amplify the voice of those who are voiceless. We also embark on campaigns that seeks to make the lives of the people better, like the housing campaign, Gender Based Violence, Land and Eviction laws of South Africa, Victim Empowerment Programme, Environmental awareness. We raise the level of awareness of the communities through workshops and trainings. The organisation works closely with communities and encourage the participation of members of the community in matters that affects them. Since our society is still living under the social ills as a result of Apartheid such as high illiteracy rate, it is the duty of the organisation to educate such communities about their rights. We also educate them so that they can participate meaningfully in the processes of governance such as Integrated Development Programme and others and be able to hold the government and representatives accountable.