Development and Empowerment of Society/DES

Lodwar, Kenya
Joined September 2023

Our mission is to develop, support and to improve the quality of life of refugees and host community in general. Activities Children welfare Women and Youth Empowerment Permaculture Music and Film

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Children's Rights, Education, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

Development and Empowerment of Society (“DES”) is a Community Based Organization founded in 2018 in the United Nations Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. We are a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and dynamic refugees. We believe in the resilience, potential and power of our youth and in their ability to determine the most sustainable grassroots solutions to develop our society.

Limited social, cultural, ecological and economic opportunities prompted us to start this organization to address unmet needs in the community. We empower youth, children and adult refugees so they may regain full energy and control over their own lives. Our actions and programs create unique opportunities to build a viable model of community. We promote creativity and teach young people how they may improve their situation and handle the complex challenges they face every day.