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The TAP Network is excited to present “Advocacy: Justice and the SDGs,” a guide for civil society, activists, and policy practitioners. It is our hope that it will help its users use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to successfully advocate for a national justice plan in their country. We are united in our belief that legal empowerment and access to justice are essential to the overall success of the SDGs.

This how-to resource guide is an online version of the “Advocacy: Justice and the SDGs” guide, which is available to download as a complete resource here. The online version that follows below separates the publication into individual chapters and includes links to related resources in each section.

This Guide by the TAP Network provides a comprehensive approach to translate international justice commitments into national reform. The steps in the Guide will support individuals working to promote legal empowerment and access to justice at the national level.


Overview of Guide

The introduction section of the Guide that summarizes the purpose and outlines the five chapters in the Advocacy: Justice and the SDGs toolkit and covers the following topics:

• understanding the SDGs and the important part legal empowerment plays in their success
• funding opportunities available to you,
• what a national justice plan is,
• how to advocate for a national justice plan in your country,
• how this plan ties in with Global 16 and all the SDGs,
• how to monitor success,
• how to hold your government to account.

The toolkit contains unique tips and advice throughout, based on years of experience of using the SDGs as an advocacy platform for justice reforms.

This section contains background information about the SDGs and the need for justice to be included. Legal empowerment and access to justice principles are found in the 2030 Agenda, but guaranteed access to effective and affordable legal services are missing. In order to meet Goal 16, to provide access to justice, action must be taken to use governments’ commitment to the SDGs to push for national justice reforms.

A Brief History of SDGs

Why Justice Needed to be in the SDGs

Where is Justice in the SDGs

Looking Towards the Future

This section discusses the use of SDGs in pushing for national reform and the importance of advocating for a national justice plan. Advice and other complementary guides are included for those who do not believe that a national justice plan is applicable to their situation or if the promotion of a national justice plan is not successful.

Challenging the Status Quo

The Importance of a National Justice Plan

If a National Justice Plan is Not for You, There are Other Guides that Could be Helpful to Develop a Different Strategy:

The Importance of Advocacy

If You are Unfamiliar with the Advocacy Cycle, You Should Consult These Guides:

This section from the Guide outlines the steps needed to determine what should be included in a national justice plan, how to enlist like-minded reformers to advocate for the plan, and the process for successfully delivering and monitoring the progress of a national justice plan.

Getting Clear: What Policy Reforms Should you be Advocating for?

Check: Is a National Justice Plan What Your Country Needs to Deliver Action?

Bringing in Partners: Conducting a Stakeholders Analysis

Design Your Advocacy Strategy for a National Justice Plan

A chapter from the Guide that outlines the stages a national justice plan should go through as it is being developed for national implementation.

This section from the Guide provides solutions to potential challenges advocating for a national justice plan. The section will also share ideas on how global and regional platforms can support national level advocacy.

Common Challenges and Risks

Using Regional and Global Platforms to Support National Reform

This section from the Guide explains how to be aware of international development in order to identify opportunities to leverage support in your own efforts through international forums and processes.

Global Indicators

Global Review

Global Monitoring and Review Supporting National Advocacy and Reforms