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Advocacy Strategies: how to choose, time, and map the right strategy for your cause

Advocacy strategies attempt to solve a problem step-by-step by getting at its systemic causes and focusing on its driving forces. Choosing and planning the right strategy involves exploring and comparing the potential impact and feasibility of alternatives. This chapter presents a series of tools and exercises that help to construct and compare strategies, including how to select an appropriate advocacy strategy, draft SMART objectives, map legal-political solutions to social problems, and time your strategy appropriately within the local and national context.

This chapter comes from the book A New Weave of Power, People & Politics: The Action Guide for Advocacy and Citizen Participation. Published in 2002 and reprinted in 2007, the guide is unique in its emphasis on power and constituency-building discussed through the lens of gender/race/class and based on the concrete experiences of social change in dozens of countries worldwide.

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Year Published: 2007

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