Knowledge Steez

Noida, India
Joined June 2016
Presence in: India
Focus: Education, Gender-based violence

Started in the year 2012, Knowledge Steez has walked past several milestones since then. The idea was to create a website where not even the law students but also a student from social sciences stream and remotely located law college, can look for academic and career opportunities. 

To introduce, Knowledge Steez is our effort to keep students, researchers, scholars, academicians and teaching fraternity, updated with all the academic opportunities coming their way, in order to boost their career and promote much wider information dissemination.

What we initially started as a blog, has now grown muscles and become one of the India’s most leading website for  students and faculties . In a very small span of four years, we have shared more than 3,000 National and International conferences and seminars, 300 internship opportunities, 150 Essay Competitions and 100 Certificate Courses. Today the website is being followed by more than 10,000 students and faculties from different part of India and gets approax 2,000 views every day. we are proud to reach 1.6+ Million hits in last few years.