Women In Governance and Peacebuilding (WIGP)

Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
Joined July 2023

Women in Governance and Peacebuilding (WIGP) is a rural community-driven citizen pressure group, women-led, whose mandate is to economically empower girls and young women on environment justice

Presence in: Zimbabwe
Focus: Community Organizing, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, HIV/Aids, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, LGBTQI+ Rights, Women's Rights

The organization was formally established in 2022. We are a women’s organisation which seeks to amplify the voice of women and girls in Zimbabwe. WIGP envision a society that will work towards eradication of vulnerability, HIV and AIDS, illiteracy among Orphans and vulnerable children, youths and women and fight the violation of children’s rights. The Organization’s mission is to promote and enhance the capabilities of women in marginalised communities beyond to effect positive social change that would necessitate the development of their lives, communities and the nation at large. The organization is also aimed at creating self-sustainable projects for vulnerable girls and young women on Adolescent sexual, reproductive health and rights project shall focus on the goal of sexuality education and parent-child communication to enable young people develop the knowledge, autonomy and skills such as communication, decision-making and negotiation to make the transition to adult-hood in good sexual health in rural communities in Zimbabwe.
Women in Governance and Peacebuilding is also a movement with a mandate of governing conflict in natural resources, Peacebuilding and fighting social justice in communities in Southern Zimbabwe. We work on land rights and peacebuilding. As an organisation we participate in policy process through collecting the views of the women residents and channelling these views to the authorities to act on the needs of specific vulnerable groups like young women and children. The views that we collect we contribute them through government platforms such as the budget consultative forums and parliamentary portfolio commitess.We also utilise petitions to lobby for changes in the local government by laws and regulations with the view of improving service delivery and ensuring that there is transparency and accountability within the systems of the local Council.