Uganda National Farmers Cooperative, SACCO and Trade Union

Tororo, Mbale and Kampala, Uganda
Joined August 2023

The Uganda National Farmers Cooperative,SACCO &Trade Union operates in Uganda.Our Mission is to Promote SDG 1,2 and 8. This through Irrigation Farming and Exporting Farm Workers to Developed Countries

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Other

The Uganda National Farmers Cooperative,SACCO and Trade Union brings together all Ugandas Farmers in Ugandas 148 Districts. The UNFCS&TU was established during Covid19 Pandemic to Promote the Interests of Ugandas Farmers in relation to the Uganda Government and other stakeholders. UNFCS&TU is both a Cooperative and Trade Union. A Cooperative for the Ugandan Farmers to Work together and establish the Uganda Farmers Development Bank that will cater for the over 7 Million Ugandan Farmers. A Trade Union that will enable the Farmers of Uganda Negotiate better Prices for their Food Crops.