UDAPT – Unión de Afectados por Texaco

Quito, Ecuador
Joined November 2017

The UDAPT is based in Ecuador. The legal action is now carried also in other countries of the American continent. There is also a work developed with indigenous communities based in the Amazon.

Presence in: Ecuador
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Traditional / Customary Justice

We are the Union of People Affected by Chevron-Texaco – UDAPT, the organization that brings together the communities affected by the contamination of Chevron corporation (known before as Texaco), who in 1993 began the now legendary class-action lawsuit against Chevron for the damages it caused in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon.

UDAPT is made up those who have been directly affected by Chevron Corporation, as part of an ongoing struggle to restore their home of the northeastern Ecuadorian Amazon that has been impacted by severe oil contamination from the corporation’s negligent operations. UDAPT was co-founded by communities belonging to 6 indigenous nationalities (Waorani, Siekopaai, Siona, A’I Kofan, Shuar and Kichwa) and about 80 rural, settler communities in the impacted region.

UDAPT’s mission is to ensure that these Amazon communities live with dignity and without contamination, through exacting corporate accountability for the violation of human rights by Texaco – now Chevron – and remediating the damages it left behind that continue to plague the Ecuadorian Amazon. It is to this end that we are taking various judicial actions in Ecuador and in other countries as the representatives of the affective people and as the defenders of their human rights. We are demanding that Chevron comply with Ecuador’s Supreme Court decision that has already held the oil giant responsible for the damages but also which the corporation has refused to recognize. In addition, we are behind the planning of the remediation process, prepared to implement full reparations for the environmental damage as soon as the judgment is enforced.