Top Mothers Initiative (TOMI)

Kampala, Uganda
Joined May 2022

Kampala, Wakiso, Iganga and Kamuli districts of Uganda. Mission: To provide mitigation measures to the challenges facing single mothers in Uganda. Programs: Skills Dev't, Economic Empowerment, Educat

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Children's Rights, Education, Environmental Justice, Financial Sustainability & Fundraising, Health, HIV/Aids, Housing Rights & Informal Settlements, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights

Top Mothers Initiative (TOMI) is a woman organization in Uganda. The organization was established in 2019 and registered with the National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organizations under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2016 and the registration number is 3364. The organization conducts activities that are aimed at ensuring improved welfare for the life of a single mother and her family members. The organization designs programs that provide solutions to the challenges faced by single motherhood, with emphasis on empowerment, to be able to live a decent and meaningful life while supporting their families and children to turn into responsible adults and educated. Its vision is a Ugandan society with single mothers empowered, living a decent and dignified life in communities; and her mission is to provide mitigation measures to the challenges facing single mothers in Uganda. Our objectives include: To promote saving culture among single mothers; create community awareness on the unique challenges of single mothers and their impact on society; provide psycho-social support to single mothers; promote hands-on training programs for single mothers to acquire life-long skills for job creation and employment opportunities; provide a center based facility for day care program and promote education; build the capacity of single mothers for self-sustenance and advocacy for human rights; contribute to environmental conservation; and promote health programs for the members. The organization programs are: Skills development and enhancement; economic empowerment; education and health; counseling; and environment.