Thriving Youth Farmers Uganda

Masuliita Town Council, Uganda
Joined October 2023

My organization is located at Wakiso District. It's mission is to uplift the community's greatest resources-youth, innovative thinking and rich farm land to address wide spread unemployment.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Community Organizing, Education, Environmental Justice, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Women's Rights
  1. TYoFu helps the next generation to thrive.

By employing youth of any gender between 15-35 the community’s emerging adults gain stability, mentorship and transferable skills.

By offering agricultural, creative and athletic programs to young children, youth gain self esteem and foundational capacities from an early age.

By partnering with other established institutions in the fields of environment, design, agriculture, leadership and more. Thriving Youth Farmers Uganda will ultimately be a center for vocational training and empowerment for youth from around Uganda.


Thriving Youth Farmers Uganda’s impact ripples across families, the community and generations to come.

Youth of all ages who receive mentorship, exposure to multiple disciplines and leadership opportunities are more likely to become innovative, community modeled leaders.

A community where youth and local healthy food are prioritized is more likely to enjoy well-being in an ethic of mutual care and a sense of possibility.