The Robust Initiative For Promoting Human Rights (TRIUMPH UGANDA)

Mbale City, Uganda
Joined May 2022

(TRIUMPH UGANDA) primarily works in districts of Eastern Uganda with a national reach pursuing a mission of promoting Human Rights; SRHR, and access to justice for marginalised persons; legal AId etc

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: HIV/Aids, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law, LGBTQI+ Rights, Policy Advocacy

The Robust Initiative For Promoting Human Rights (TRIUMPH UGANDA) is an organization founded in 2014, registered at the national level as a company incorporated by guarantee having its roots from the annulled Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014. The organization aspires to remedy the improprieties caused by Homophobia, inadequate Human Rights knowledge, and the lack of protection for the LGBT+ community in Uganda. The organization has a track record of successfully implementing Human Rights-based projects, stands out in providing legal Aid, running the first and only LGBT-led paralegal training for the LGBT community in Uganda, etcetera. The organization envisions a community where there is a bridge between marginalized members of the community and their counterparts (general public) regarding Human Rights, access to justice, SHRH and HIV/AIDS interventions. TRIUMPH UGANDA pursues a mission of promoting Human Rights; Sexual, Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), and access to justice for marginalized community members through advocacy, training and provision of tailor-made Legal Aid and health services. Currently, TRIUMPH UGANDA is a registered member of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), Uganda Key Population Consortium (UKPC) and CIVICUS WORLD Alliance)