The African Juvenile Justice Resources Initiative

Nairobi, Kenya
Joined September 2023

Our organization is based in Kenya. We work with children in conflict with the law and our objectives include providing restorative justice programs to ease the social reintegration process for them.

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Children's Rights, Criminal Justice, Traditional / Customary Justice

The African Juvenile Justice Resources Initiative (AJJuRI) is a grassroots community-based organization based in Kabete, Kenya. Our mission is to support any child who is in the justice system by providing them with resources like legal aid support, drugs and alcohol dependency rehabilitation and family-mediation services in order to ease their social reintegration process. We address issues of family disintegration,  drug and alcohol abuse and peer pressure which affect children’s ability to develop in a healthy way and instead cause some children to enter into criminal activities or delinquency.

Our main objective is to find sustainable means of ensuring successful social reintegration of the child back into their family through a variety of restorative justice programs  which include mediation and conflict-resolution programs, family group conferences, victim-impact panels, victim–offender mediation, circle sentencing, and community reparative boards.

These aim to counter the stigmatization or labeling that children convicted of a crime often face when reentering society.

Our mission is to have children who are fully restored to their families where they can live and develop  into healthy, happy and productive adults.

Our vision is to have safe neighborhoods where all children enjoy  healthy family life rather than engage in crime, drug and alcohol abuse and other forms of delinquent behavior .