TaylorCrabbe Innitiative (TCi)

Accra, Ghana
Joined March 2021

Focused on natural resource governance and policy practice and legal, policy, governance, and institutional reform.

Presence in: Ghana
Focus: Environmental Justice, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights

TaylorCrabbe Innitiative (TCi) is a burgeoning law, governance and policy practice. The practice is made up of consultants who have been engaged in legal, policy, governance and institutional reform and capacity-building in Ghana for more than a decade. TCi is regularly consulted by the Government of Ghana, Ministries of State and Local and International Development Partners and Civil Society Organisations. The practice has the distinct advantage of being in the forefront in the drafting and/or implementation of legislations.

In recent times, the consultancy practice has predominantly focused on natural resource and environmental governance. Our team has led and facilitated major environmental policies as regards sustaining and protecting our natural resources, particularly forest reserves. The consultants at TCi also have expertise in consulting for policy analysis and legislative reform in areas such as human rights, criminal law and procedure and constitutional law. TCi’s ultimate objective is supporting law reform for good governance, stronger institutions and development, improving administrative processes and stakeholder engagement.

TCi has as part of its team persons with extensive experience in legal academia with vast experience in public institutional reforms, public relations and communications who have designed programs and strategies for public sector organizations including a client complaint system to harvest concerns from customers via a call centre.