Standerton Victim Empowerment & Advice Office

Standerton, South Africa
Joined November 2022

The aim of the project is to offer the free legal info and advice to our client and linking them with the relevant institution that are dealing specifically with their cases and also doing advocacy.

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Criminal Justice

The Centre also offer support to the client in Gert Sibande and Lekwa that include the surrounding rural farms by doing field work, through training workshops, outreach program’s according to the implementation plan of the project and providing access to relevant information and development resources, which influence a change in attitude and behavior of community. Attendance registers will be submitted on monthly basis depending on activities. To protect/provide farm workers with the educational programs, empower them on their Human Rights issues by conducting workshops outreach programs for as long as the Centre is still functioning. To protect the private rights of the citizen, offers free legal info and support to the clients. To resolve dispute and provide compensation for someone injured by someone’s act or behavior.  To provide free legal services to 1500 client or more and offer Legal Advice to the community members who are the victims of violence and lacking some sort of information on how to get support while we protecting their rights.