South Rupununi District Council

Aishalton Village, Guyana
Joined April 2021

Securing and sustainably managing Wapichan traditional lands in Guyana. Improving the livelihoods of the people in 21 communities. Thinking for those coming behind us. Our Land Our Life.

Presence in: Guyana
Focus: Community / Customary Land Rights, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Policy Advocacy

The South Rupununi District Council (SRDC) was officially established under Section 35(1) of the Amerindian Act 2006 on March 20, 2017. The SRDC comprises of 21 villages with a population of over nine thousand Indigenous peoples belonging to the Wapichan, Macushi and Wai Wai nations. We live in the villages of Parikwarinau, Baitoon, Shiriri, Katuur, Potarinau, Quiko, Shulinab, Meriwau, Sand Creek, Rupunau, Katoonarib, Sawariau, Shea, Maruranau, Awarewaunau, Churikidnao, Aishalton, Karaudarnau, Achawain, Bashaizon and Parabara which are all located across the Wapichan Territory. Toshaos ( Chiefs), elders, youths and women representative from the villages would attend all SRDC meetings which is the highest decision making forum of the organisation. The SRDC also supports the village councils across the district, facilitates, enhances and coordinates collective action, and where necessary, helps to address and resolve issues and concerns of the district.
In 2012, we developed a management plan ‘’Thinking for those coming behind us,’’ through numerous inter-community meetings with all 21 communities. This management plan outlines a plan of how the Wapichan, Macushi and Wai Wai people plan to take care of their territory; support leaders’ work to get rights to Wapichan territory legally recognised; help village councils to protect the land and natural resources and agree on how to use the land for the benefit of all.
Over the years the SRDC has implemented various projects such as: water testing, fire management, gender and social inclusion; awareness raising on the harmful use of mercury and the protection of freshwater resources; and transfer of traditional knowledge.
All of the projects implemented by the SRDC are aligned with the vision of how we wish to see development within the Wapichan Territory and how we plan to take care of our natural environment.