Sout to Support Women’s Rights

Gender equality/ the right of women to be hired in the leadership positions/ media support

Presence in: Egypt
Focus: Financial Sustainability & Fundraising, Gender-based violence, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law, Women's Rights

The initiative focuses on the issue of gender equality, provides comprehensive support to women to be hired in the leadership positions. For example; the case of a girl, whose appointment at the State Council refused, despite the conditions applied to her. The initiative provided comprehensive support to another girl and her colleagues as the Public Prosecution has refrained from appointing them as well. The cases are still pending before the judicial authorities until now.
It also recently focuses on supporting “Gender Equality”, as we launched a campaign entitled  “Capable Women ” to support female lawyers in the Bar Council elections and spread the principle of gender equality.
As for the obstacles that we face in our work, we seek to legally register the initiative. We have tried to establish a civil society institution affiliated with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, but the difficulties and complications we faced from government agencies as well as the expensive costs and the long time we had excluded the idea. When we set out to establish a law firm in the Bar Association, our attempets was directly subjected to threats and violence by the employees of the Syndicate’s Companies Registration Committee, because we provide aid to women, spread human rights principles and confront violence against women in Egypt.
They refused to submit our papers and promised that if we established the company they would close it and inform the security about us under the claim that “we incite” Women described us as protectors of human rights with sarcasm and threat.”
I am working on the process of establishing a company with a legal status affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Investment, although it costs a lot of money. Therefore, we are trying to fund the initiative to be launched.