Sam Organization for Rights and Development

Sana'a, Yemen
Joined May 2022

We work in Yemen. We inform citizens of their rights and mechanisms for defending and supporting human rights and development work. we focus on supporting the community and advocating women’s issues.

Presence in: Yemen
Focus: Other

SAM organization is a voluntary organization working in awareness-raising, development, human rights, and peace-building. It was established as a youth initiative in 2014, then, it has improved and strengthened its performance until it has been established on 13/9/2014 and was granted its official license on 9/2/2016. It has been selected in 2016 as a member of the National Team of OCHA to coordinate the work of the civil society organizations(CSOs) in the capital city of Sana’a. It has also significant works in human rights and coordination with international organizations.
SAM monitors gender-based violations(GBV) and supports them because it believes in everyone’s right in living peacefully in a country that should be ruled by justice and equality.
We believe in the need of paying attention to the development sector and that communities can not be developed unless all their groups.
In the organization, we focus on supporting the community and advocating women’s issues, for example:
Legal support for women in prisons, their economic empowerment, and their integration into society.
Supporting women working in the Yemeni judiciary to achieve their rights to obtain leadership positions.
Supporting women activists in peace processes.
The organization has worked in partnership with many local and international organizations in many human rights and development programs.