Saher Arts For Peace and Sustainable Development (SAPSD)

Jaffarabad, Pakistan
Joined January 2020

SAPSD is on a mission to use arts as a tool to bring about social changes by addressing local issues and to contribute to the sustainable development of Jaffarabad in particular and Baluchistan in gen

Presence in: Pakistan
Focus: Education, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

Saher Arts for Peace and sustainable Development S.A.P.S.D is a non governmental organization founded on the 8th of June 2006 with registration number 22/-CD 2006.  S.A.P.S.D is right based organization working in community, having energetic, dedicated and committed group consisting of social and progressive workers with the vision of sustainable peace in society .  VISION .A peaceful tolerant Society; where vulnerable and disadvantaged children, youth, men, and women live with sustainable democratic environment.  MISSION. To create a peaceful tolerant Society in Collaboration with Government , civil society, and media through Arts ,mean  interactive communication, supporting & linkages with likeminded people.  MAIN GOAL .Decrease in all kind of violence  and create a milieu that people solve their issues, problems, conflicts by engaging themselves in groups and committees with activism. Develop and experiment innovative techniques interactive. communication to increase outreach and effectiveness of social change process. Develop a Proactive & sustainable interactive communication institute for Promoting arts, culture & communication in communities. OBJECTIVES   . Awareness on human rights and socially active society. To promote democratic, Peaceful and justice society. All humans are Equal and have rights to fundamental freedom. All cultures /religions are equally respected.Social transformation. Decrease in all kind of violence on women & children. Basic tools.  Interactive  Theater.  Film screening. Corner  Meetings. Formation of Community Groups. Documentaries Film Making. Try Pod Dialog. Media engagement.