Mbarara City, Uganda
Joined September 2023

The Rwizi-Network works in Mbarara city, mission is build capacity of CSO to promote good governance and human rights. we do capacity building, advocacy, human rights promotion, legal empowerment et

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, LGBTQI+ Rights, Right to Information


The Rwizi-Network is an all-inclusive Sub-regional not-for profit organization legally established in Uganda as an alliance of diverse grass root self-governing voluntary organizations (NGOs and CBOs) in south western Uganda (East Africa) united as civil society in the common pursuit of, Democratic Governance, human rights and Climate Justice to achieve equitable development and SDG goal 16. Rwizi-net’s strategic interventions include (i) Capacity Building, (ii) Partnerships and collaboration building, (iii) Advocacy, and (iv) Research and Documentation and (v) human rights awareness and promotion.

The Network currently covers southwestern region in Uganda and steadily growing in membership and coverage.

Rwizi-Network strives to empower grass root CSOs to demand public accountability, engage in Civic Education to increase human rights awareness, monitoring service delivery and climate justice and action while prioritizing citizen participation.

The network is dynamic when action is centered on the set goals, responsive and effective on community and CSO’s needs, and there is a multiplier effect from activities all geared to achievement of the network’s mandate.

VISION: Effective, responsive, accountable and transparent institutions centering citizen participation

GOAL: An empowered civil Society and citizenry taking a leading role to foster realization of democratic governance, human rights and climate justice in western Uganda.

MISSION STATEMENT: To build capacity of CSOs and citizens to demand for effective service delivery, public accountability and inclusion of vulnerable and minority groups in society, achieved through effective citizen participation in governance, monitoring service delivery, promotion of human rights, research and documentation and advocacy.