River Phoenix Center For Peacebuilding

Gainesville, United States
Joined December 2018

I am the Ambassador of Peace and a community organizer at RPCP. I use restorative and trauma informed practices to help individuals and communities heal, be empowered and create access and opportunity

Presence in: Ukraine, United States
Focus: Criminal Justice, Family, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice

The River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding’s (RPCP) mission is to enrich the lives of individuals, families, and communities by providing and promoting the best practices and principles of peacebuilding and global sustainability.

RPCP is invested in the prevention, interruption, reduction and healing from violence. We are dedicated to working for essential societal transformation by supporting individuals and groups in taking intentional action to create positive change, through programs, services, trainings and collaborative action.

Learning to resolve conflict through healthy communication breaks the cycle of violence and creates safe communities.

The River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding takes the approach of addressing conflict and violence with a continuum of prevention, intervention and restorative strategies involving the general public, youth and adult populations, including those healing from the otherwise lasting impact of trauma.

What motivates us to do this work is our understanding that all life is sacred and interconnected.  If we look closely we can see examples of kindness, beauty and wonder everywhere. Living on this beautiful blue green Earth is the most profound gift and thus all life upon it.