Rise Initiative for Gender Equality in Liberia

Mount Barclay, Liberia
Joined October 2021

Our activity requires the process of a powerful human rights change nationally and globally, which is building advocacy and partnerships are at the heart of what we do as an organization.

Presence in: Liberia
Focus: Other

We affirm that intersex people are real & exist in Liberia. As intersex people in Liberia, we live in a society that perpetuates violence and killings of intersex people by cultural, religious, traditional and medical beliefs and practices. As such, our health, economic, educational, equality, justice, and social needs, cannot be under estimated, and taking into an account our basic fundamental rights that serve as the cardinal issues that have to be considered and given the fact that Liberia, since the emerging of our very young democratic society which is gradually moving towards the developmental agenda  of inclusion looking at the basic need of every person that cannot be over emphasize but considered in the nation building process.

If the country is to forge ahead as one people, one nation, with diversity, and also taking into consideration the struggle which, Intersex, and other vulnerable groups are faced with in today’s Liberia, draws the attention of all of us citizens, who form part of these marginalized groupings, to formulate an organization that will seek to address our plight through advocacy and support in Liberia. “RIGERLseeks to create an enabling environment where the rights of all will be respected, without discrimination, and stigmatization, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, color, tribe or religion and to have a fair Justice and a voice of key population.