Rights Empowerment Programme (Uganda)

Wakiso, Uganda
Joined April 2020

REP attempts to solve the economic hindrances for women. It supports communities to have good governance that respects their rights and needs to be able to manage their social- economic development.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Livelihoods, Women's Rights

Rights Empowerment Programme (REP) is a non-profit community based organisation working with rural communities especially the marginalized women and children.


A community in which women and their children have equal access to social- economic opportunities.


To support and enable communities to have good governance that respects their rights and needs to be able to initiate and manage their social-economic development processes.

Organization goals

  • To empower communities understand and appreciate policies governing them and become their own advocates to register positive changes in their lives through engaging service providers for better strategic deliveries  in  financial,  material  and sustainable income generation ventures.
  • To promote good governance in poverty alleviation programs conducted by REP especially in sustainable agriculture, gender, Youth, children, and health.
  • To promote good governance in the water, hygiene and sanitation sector and increase community access to water services.
  • To develop capacity and skills for improved climatic adaptation and environment conservation for sustainable development
  • To strengthen community health welfare through promotion of improved health care services as a means of having economically active society
  • To advocate for the rights of communities especially the most vulnerable groups (women and children) to actively participate in all developmental programs affecting their daily live


REP uses a rights based approach in implementing her activities. REP conducts a needs assessment and planning with the communities. This participatory approach is done before the project onset and the beneficiaries are involved in all the stages of project implementation. This has created a sense of ownership. REP Collaborates with the district leadership within the line departments including Gender, Health, Agriculture, and Education.