Yaoundé, Cameroon
Joined May 2018

RELUFA works in Cameroon with local communities through Capacity buildings, Conducting Studies and restitution of recommendations to stakeholders, Mobilization of affected local communities and CSOs.

Presence in: Cameroon
Focus: Environmental Justice

RELUFA has as mission to combat systemic problems generating poverty, hunger and economic, social and environment injustices. This is done through two programs : Extractive Industries, Land and Food Justice


  • Extractive Industries

In this program, RELUFA has identified as objectives:

  • To ensure that the extractive sector in Cameroon contributes to the development of local communities;
  • Ensure that national and local governments manage the natural resources of Cameroon in a transparent, fair and responsible manner.

To achieve these objectives, RELUFA:

  • Conduct monitoring and advocacy on issues raised by the host communities of extractive projects;
  • Monitor the impact of projects on the local communities;
  • Facilitate exchanges between affected communities;
  • Advocate for transparency and responsible management of extractive industries revenues  for poverty alleviation;
  • Monitor the activities of extractive industries operators in Cameroon;
  • Monitor the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and RELUFA is one of the founding member of the Cameroon Coalition of “Publish What You Pay”;
  • A Member Kimberley Process implementing committee in Cameroon.
  • Land and Food Justice

This program seeks to:

  • Document, raise awareness and denounce the negative impacts of large scale land concessions in Cameroon;
  • Contribute to the improvement of transparency in land transactions in Cameroon;
  • Support and equip local communities deprived of their land in the defense of their property rights;
  • Supporting communities in the Far North of Cameroon in the management of available food stocks through our community grain banks;
  • Mobilize people and support advocacy for better agricultural policies,
  • Contribute to the promotion of the right to food in Cameroon.