PROM-WAT International

Kampala, Uganda
Joined November 2022

PROM-WAT INTERNATIONAL is an abbreviated word which stands for; Promoting, Protecting the Rights of Migrant Workers from Abusive Threats. Acquired its NGO status with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Labor & Employment, Women's Rights

Prom-Wat International is Non-Governmental organization a Not- for- Profit making organization and free from any political attachment.

Our location: We are located at SM Plaza 1st floor, Jenina- Nansana Hoima Road Wakiso District.

Our Mission: to protect, promote and fighting for the rights of migrant workers in the diaspora with the upper hand on women migrant workers on the worldwide scale.

Our vision: making representation to the authorities on behalf of migrant workers whose rights have been violated.

Our objectives:

  • To fight, protect and advocate for the rights of migrant workers.
  • Offering policy and technical advise to national governments.
  • Promoting the integration of labor migrants in their new workplace and society

Our core values:

  • Equity and justice
  • Empathy and innovation
  • Collective action and solidarity.
  • honest and transparency

Our activities:

Prom-Wat International is much interested in areas/fields of unpaid or irregular payments, unequal remuneration or labor, unsafe work environment and over working.

Physical, Emotional and sexual abuse or harassment.