POS Foundation

Accra, Ghana
Joined July 2020

The POS FOUNDATION works in Ghana and have partnerships in other countries with the mission to Promote Youth Development, Human Rights and Social Justice for collective Development.

Presence in: Ghana
Focus: Criminal Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Women's Rights

The POS Foundation is a Human Rights Civil Society Organization (CSO) which focuses its activities in the areas of Human Rights Advocacy and Development, Law/Policy Reforms, Youth Development and Social Accountability, Gender Equity, Women Economic Empowerment and Access to Justice. With a track record of successful projects/programmes, the foundation has strategically positioned itself as one of the leading CSOs in Ghana in the area of Access to Justice, Advocacy for the Right To Information, Convener for Civil Society Platform on the UN Universal Periodic Review in Ghana, Drug Policy reforms and currently serves as the secretariat for the Ghana Human Rights NGOs Forum. Under its Access To Justice advocacy, POS Foundation has successfully facilitated the Justice For All Programme [JFAP] for remand prisoners since 2014.

The JFAP which was initiated in 2007 by the Attorney General’s Department is an intervention programme which seeks to provide access to justice for remand prisoners and further decongest the overcrowded prison facilities by organizing in-prison court sittings to adjudicate remand cases.

In-Prison Paralegal Programme is a complement to the JFAP both prison inmates and officers were trained as paralegals to assist convict inmates to appeal on their cases on self-representation.

Alternative Sentencing Regime (Community Service Bill); POS and stakeholders are currently working to activate Parole, Probation and together with Community Service Bill to be presented to cabinet in ensuring the reduction of the inflow of petty offenders from going to Prison and help curb recidivism.

Women’s Access to Justice Programme (WAJGEE): This project seeks to identify and support the removal of obstacles and introduce policies and initiatives to enhance women’s access to justice as well as design measures through capacity-building and the use of community-based paralegals and ADR mechanisms to ensure that the justice chain is gender-responsive and effective.