PILnet: The Global Network for Public Interest Law

New York, United States
Joined February 2012
Presence in: United States
Focus: Labor & Employment

PILnet envisions a world where rule of law, as developed and supported within a wide variety of countries, delivers justice and protects human rights. PILnet connects with local partners to develop the institutions essential to rights-respecting societies. It inspires lawyers to serve the public interest, strengthens the ability of civil society to help shape law and policy and makes formal systems of justice more accessible.

PILnet furthers these goals through four primary strategies:

Public Interest Lawyering

PILnet builds the capacity of public interest lawyers working in NGOs through fellowships, skill-building workshops, resource dissemination and other means.

Pro Bono

PILnet’s pro bono clearinghouses bridge the gap between lawyers seeking opportunities to provide legal help and those who need it around the world, thus strengthening the ability of civil society to influence laws and policies and assisting marginalized people access justice.

Legal Aid

PILnet collaborates with key stakeholders – national governments, local governments and bar associations – to design context-appropriate legal aid systems and engages NGO partners to foster the complementarity of state, private and public sector efforts to make systems of justice more effective and accessible.

Legal Education

PILnet works to enhance law schools so that they more effectively promote ethical values, develop broad analytical and problem-solving skills and provide knowledge of the social effects of the law in order to produce socially responsible lawyers.