People Traumatized Need Peace (PTNP)

KAKUMA Refugee camp, Kenya
Joined January 2022

To implement peace and security, To serve and grow the community . activities: counselling, awareness, group discussion, trainings, poultry keeping, refer people to the specific agencies,...

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Disability Rights, Family, Gender-based violence, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice



We founder, initiator and members of People Traumatize Need Peace “P.T.N.P” in acronym have defined and adopted the present statutes to fix the different practical operating methods in order to achieve the noble mission that we have assigned for the people traumatized need peace, and any person having the psychological problems want to optimize by finding the position of his memory and positive thoughts, transparency, and respect for the rights of vulnerable people.

People traumatized need peace “P.T.N. P” has the status of a Community based Organization (CBO) claims the unity of all vulnerable traumatized people in the worldwide. This Peace is built on faith in God who is present in human history, even in its most tragic moments. All our work is inspired by this faith. We manage to identify several people who are vulnerable and having a moral issues because of the repeated wars, corruption and inter- community conflicts in their provinces and countries of origin resulting to suffering from illnesses, depression and poverty especially in raped women and young girls who are school dropped out, girls with early pregnancies and orphans leading to a life of misery and a psychological disorder which creates so many negative reactions and thoughts

Covid-19, we decided to organize a community team for awareness and this is where our first activity started.

VISION Promoting the well-being of victims  who are traumatize such as raped women and young girls who are school dropped out, girl’s with early pregnancies and orphans to  integrated them in their respective communities and refer them to the specific agencies and through the free counselling offered by PTNP its makes the victims to have a sense of belonging and trust in the community and the people around  as the world where refugees and others forcibly displaced people attain protections, opportunity and participation.