Pema Kenya

Mombasa , Kenya, Kenya
Joined September 2023

Based in Mombasa, Kenya.Mission:To promote co-existence in the society and inclusivity of GSM through advocacy and capacity build: Programs. Programs aims to advance social inclusion and human rights.

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Community Organizing, Community Paralegals, Gender-based violence, LGBTQI+ Rights, Policy Advocacy, Protection & Safety

Pema Kenya is a membership-based organisation founded in 2008 whose work is premised upon creating an enabling environment for its members and the general population to thrive. We are a (Gender and Sexual Minority ) GSM led and lead organisation that works with GSM individuals and communities as well as stakeholders seeking to bridge the gap that exists between the general population and Gender and sexual minorities

Vision: A society that embraces justice and diversity

Guiding Principles: Community ownership: Our core existence leverages on the membership. We seek to implement activities and ideas that are generated by the membership and stakeholders. Commitment:  We reiterate our pledge to follow-through the promises we make to our members and our stakeholders. Persistence in our path will be the guarantor of our success. Responsiveness: We understand and will continue to appreciate the dynamism in the sector that we are working in. We commit to be responsive in all matters we are /or called to engage in. Integration/inclusivity: We affirm that there cannot be progress without congruence of thought and purpose. We strive to ensure everyone [as relevant] is consulted and included in decisions and progress we are making.

Program Areas :KEY PILLAR HEALTH:Facilitate engagements with county and national health system to improve understanding of GSM needs; KEY PILLAR: SOCIAL & ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT: programs addressing social participation, programs that improve security and well-being of GSMs ; ADVOCACY: Develop and produce evidence to influence responsive policies, Lobby for structural/legislative/policy adjustments to ensure responsive services, Amplify voices to reduce rates of stigma and discrimination, Sensitize religious, cultural leaders, legislators, and private sector actors to advocate for inclusivity , Lobby for policy improvements that will favour growth of the public-benefit/CSO sector