Pastoralist for Change and Development (PACDEV)

Mandera, Kenya
Joined July 2020

Pastoralist for Change and Development (PACDEV) is a community organization based in Mandera Kenya. Vision:- Healthy and empowered community with socio-economic independence

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Livelihoods

PACDEV is a community based, non-profit, non-political and non-partisan organization established to assist and support the most vulnerable and desperate population in Mandera Kenya to alleviate suffering, hunger, poverty, and transform lives.

The organization was incepted in the year 2009 with the department of Gender and Social services, Mandera Kenya by a group of young professionals with different background experiences from various humanitarian, emergency and governmental operations from the pastorals’ communities who felt that the community has been under developed for a long time and that a change can only be brought by none other than the locals.

PACDEV is a Community Based Organization aimed at reducing the prevalence rates of substance abuse, HIV infections and risky sexual behavior among young people in Mandera. PACDEV’s strategy employs education, research and advocacy as the means for achieving this goal.

PACDEV was therefore created on the philosophy that it’s the community itself that can best create sustainable solutions to their own problems.

The organization aims to support and consolidate inclusive and integrated approach that is rooted in mainstreaming popular participation of the ordinary people and bringing together both traditional and modern structures in taking practical action to achieve sustainable development.

In the light of the above context, PACDEV CBO stood up to take over that courageous role to cover up the increasing array of needs of the communities living in this dire situation caused by human and climatic catastrophes and shrinking of opportunities.

PACDEV: develops community based development initiatives including livelihood support schemes. As well is committed to focus Water and sanitation, emergency, Education and advocacy programs in collaboration with communities and leaders.