Partners Empowering AgroEcology & Community Education (at Source of the Nile River)

Jinja, Uganda
Joined June 2021

Here is a link to explain what we do: https://challenges.openideo.com/servlet/hype/IMT?documentTableId=1297038316449789793&userAction=Browse&templateName=&documentId=4cf254b95d77e089dbff1e4a3040e423.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Education, Environmental Justice, Family, Livelihoods, Women's Rights

Partners Empowering AgroEcology and Community Education at Source of the Nile works with small farmers, teachers and community leaders to plant trees to improve food security and biodiversity.  Partner organizations include www.busainofruits.com who work with 1,256 small farmers, also Girls4Climate and SKILLS for IT community education.  Currently we are also trying to help Kisoro Local government to gazette their remaining pocket pristine rainforest at Kafuga which is a buffer forest for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where Batwa Pygmies are trying to continue living.  International Tree Foundation has been supporting the Kisoro local government to win a legal case to keep their rainforest which they won and now we are trying to raise $10,000 to gazette the forest officially.  We need legal wording for the gazetting to say that the forest should remain as protected pristine rainforest and not be converted to pine or eucalyptus or other plantations (as has happened with other gazetted forest in other parts of Uganda).  This legal help hasn’t got anything to do with Partners current work at Source of the Nile area except that International Tree Foundation is a partner with expertise in community re-forestation and we really care about trying to save some pristine rainforest for seeds and knowledge!