Pair Hands and Peace Foundation

Abuja, Nigeria
Joined April 2021

Pair Hands and Peace Foundation is situated in Kubwa, Abuja Nigeria. Her Mission is to give hope to the vulnerables and spreading the doctrines of peace through Humanitarian work.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Other

Pair Hands and Peace Foundation was born out of the pains and travails of Masses during the Covid-19 period. The vision of the organization is to “Project a world where humanity is placed as a priority through inner peace thereby paving way for social peace”. The aims and objectives however are as follows:-

1. To promote and provide charitable causes through projects to the less privilege and Vulnerables.

2. Sensitization and Education of the public on Peace and social coexistence.

3. Alleviation of Social hardship and deprivation in the Society.

4. Agitation against Social Injustice.

5. Promotion of Peace initiatives and projects through seminars and workshops.

6. National and international collaboration.


Our Philosophy is “Humanity at heart is peace to the world”


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The Foundation has organized series of Programmes ranging from Charity works to seminars is Lagos and Abuja.