ORASCODERHA (Organisation Pour l’Agriculture, la Scolarisation et le Développement Rural d’Haïti)

Leogane, Haiti
Joined July 2023

This organization is working in rural areas of the communes of Leogane y Gressier. Its mission is to assist the peasants in the following areas: educational, agricultural, health, environment, economy

Presence in: Haiti
Focus: Children's Rights, Community Organizing, Education, Family, Financial Sustainability & Fundraising, Livelihoods

– Creation and localization
ORASCODERHA (Organization for Agriculture, Schooling and Rural Development in Haiti) Is an apolitical and non-profit organization founded in Orangers (commune of Léogane) on December 28, 2008 with the aim of fighting against the miserable situation of peasants abandoned in rural areas starting with those of the following communes: Léogane and Gressier.

Our mission is vast because the problems presented in rural areas are multiple and heavy. Because the peasants are confronted with various problems. Thus, from the outset, we gave ourselves the mission of gradually supporting them in the following areas: educational, agricultural, health, environmental, economic and development. We seek to facilitate and help them gradually develop their autonomy.

– Precedents and framework:
ORASCODERHA, since its existence on December 28, 2008, has not closed its eyes to the various problems faced by farmers in the areas of its interventions. Thus, we have accompanied the peasants through projects such as: breeding of oxen, goats, pigs, production of corn, various beans, market gardening products, food supports, reforestation, preparation of seedlings, repair of roads, distribution of agricultural tools, etc. Follow us on Instagram: @orascoderha