ORASCODERHA (Organisation Pour l’Agriculture la Scolarisation et le Développement Rural d’Haïti)

Leogane, Haiti
Joined September 2023

ORASCODERHA is a non profit organization which is working in Haiti. Its site is at Léogane. Its mission is to accompany/assist the marginalized people through: education, agriculture, rights, earth..

Presence in: Haiti
Focus: Children's Rights, Education, Environmental Justice, Family, Gender-based violence, Health, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Livelihoods, Women's Rights
  1. Birth: the ORASCODERHA organization was created on December 28, 2008. It is recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and registered under number STC-10805.
    – Nature: It is apolitical and non-profit. It is a grassroots community organization.
    Address: Orangers, commune of Léogane, West Department of Haiti.
    – Phone: +509 37187192, +509 37457991               – Email: orasco2009@yahoo.fr                                – Instagram: @orascoderha.

This organization was created in a specific context which is to come in help to those who are, marginalized, abandonned, mistreated, neglected, discriminated in the rural areas of Haïti. Then, since the birth of ORASCODERHA, we are helping a lot of people who face great needs through these kind of projects: cows breeding, pigs breeding, distribution of seeds like: corn, peas, beans, vegetable, distribution of agricole tools… to the poor peasants regardless of sex. We distribuate goat to the marginilized children and organized activities of formation for them. We sponsored the scholarship of the poorest children. We organized activities of formation for youths, adults and children on different subjects. We empowered the poorest/marginalized women microcredit and commercial a activities. We prepared plants for reforestation. We repaired and created Roads. We defended the right of the most marginalized and oppressed people… We continue to assist to a large number of people in needs in the rural communities. For the administration of ORASCODERHA we have a staff of eleven people y a specialized comity for each domain of our works. We are working with 14 other organisations in different areas of Haïti. We support their works through formation and material’s helps.