Nuclear/Coal-Free Bataan Movement -Philippines

Bataan, Philippines
Joined September 2023

'United to protect peoples' lives and the environment" this has been our tagline.

Presence in: Philippines
Focus: Community Organizing

The Nuclear and Coal-Free Bataan Movement is people-based network of multi-sectoral organizations and environmental advocates in the province of Bataan.  Established in 1984 as a campaign network that opposed the construction and operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, the first and only nuclear facility existing in the Philippines that was constructed during the dictatorship regime of Ferdinand Marcos.  Over time, the NFBM has evolved as a network of environmental advocates working towards the protection and in defense of rights of the communities and the environment not only from nuclear power plant but also from the destructive fossil fuel energies operating and expanding in the province.  Our strategies are movement building, capacity/ capability building, awareness-raising, networking, policy lobbying and direct campaigning.