Motherly Heart

Wakiso, Uganda
Joined June 2023

Mission: To support, educate and transform the lives of young people, families and women economically, socially and technologically. Programs are Education, adolescent mentorship, women's livelihood.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Education, Family, Livelihoods

Motherly Heart is a community-based Organisation founded in 2020 by Mary Ajambo. It operates in central and eastern Ugandan in Busia and Wakiso districts The Organisation started as a blog to support mums and educate them on proper parenting. We later learnt a blog alone is not enough to solve family problems. We created programs that solve contemporary social problems affecting families and communities through a holistic approach.

Vision:  Nurtured society for the present and future generations.

Mission: To support, educate and transform the lives of young people, women and families economically, socially and technologically.

The Organisation programs include:

Education and sponsorship: We promote the education of children and youth through school fees payment, paying for their meals, school requirements, and literacy education called Nakayembe Kasoma. We also educate parents on proper parenting and other important knowledge-acquiring workshops.

Adolescent mentorship program: This program focuses on building the autonomy of a girl child. We at times include boys but the pivot is on a girl child. The objectives of this program are; to keep a girl child in school and build confidence, self-worthiness and build young entrepreneurs. We partner with schools to create clubs where children talk about different topics. We also talk to community girls and establish group projects to acquire entrepreneurial skills.

Women’s Livelihood: This program focuses on empowering women and teenage mothers economically through small-scale businesses. The organisation is obliged to train the women in business start-up, savings and giving of start-up capital after accomplishing a group project.

The future programs for this Organisation are purchasing land to invest in farming (crops and animal farming) to reduce the challenge of poor nutrition among children. In this case, we shall reduce the cost of purchasing food for attending school in rural areas.