MATI Bangladesh

Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Joined May 2020

MATI works in northern part of Bangladesh for sustainable development of both rural and urban poor & most disadvantaged people priority to women, girls, children, PWD, aborigines and dalit.

Presence in: Bangladesh, Germany
Focus: Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Livelihoods

Mati is an organisation that aims to join all its human forces, energy, and love in the universal fight against poverty and towards a life in dignity for all human beings, regardless of gender, status, colour or creed.

We strongly believe in a universal right to a life in dignity for all human beings. Through all our actions we do our best to reflect the principles of equality, fairness, democracy, good governance and human rights. Conflicts have to be solved solely through peaceful means. We see an intact eco-system as prerequisite for successful, sustainable development and the well-being of all people.

Ever since the beginning of Mati’s work, we have put all our good faith and effort – together with our partners on local, national and international level – towards the realization of our ultimate goal: to realize our dream of One World where also secure livelihoods for the poorest of the poor are guaranteed, a dream based on the universal principles of love and compassion for every human being.

We regard our work as a most needed statement of solidarity and fairness, and of maximum companionship in contrast to maximum profit. We perceive ourselves as just one tiny part in the bigger picture of all those who are working towards a better tomorrow for all sentient beings – in this world of plenty.

Use of pesticide and other agrochemicals has become rampant in Bangladesh, resulting in a deadly cycle of intoxication of health and the environment. In this regards Mati gives an extra value to developing organic agriculture to protect the worse situation of the people of Bangladesh. From the beginning Mati’s goals was sustainable organic agriculture and establish the marketing channel of the organic products.  In the meantime Mati has signed MoU with Mymensingh Agricultural University (Agriculture extension department) for continuous research work and publication for marketing promotions.