Masvingo Residents Forum

Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Joined March 2022

Masvingo Residents Forum is a non-profit organisation that advocates for transparency and accountability by collecting the views of the residents and channelling those views to the local government.

Presence in: Zimbabwe
Focus: Governance, Accountability & Transparency

Masvingo Residents Forum is an organisation, we participate in the policy process by collecting the views of the residents and channelling these views to the authorities to act on the needs of specific vulnerable groups like women and children. The views that we collect we contribute them through government platforms such as the budget consultative forums and parliamentary portfolio committees. We also utilise petitions to lobby for changes in the local government by-laws and regulations with the view of improving service delivery and ensuring that there is transparency and accountability within the systems of the local Council. These views are then taken into account when the policymakers make deliberations on the legal frameworks and the legal reform that may be needed to achieve human rights realisation standards that are to the level of global standards. Our organisation is playing a critical role in ensuring that human rights issues at a local level are in line with international best practices thereby contributing to the improvement of the human rights situation in Sub Saharan Africa. Our organisation is creating responsive citizens ready to defend their rights and ensuring that their voices are taken into consideration during policy formulation, development and implementation. As an organisation, we are developing a network of human rights defenders who are keen to network with other human rights defenders across the globe and ready to offer solidarity at any given opportunity. The organisation thrives at ensuring that vulnerable groups in the community are well represented when decisions that have a bearing on their livelihoods are made by policymakers. There is therefore a deliberate inclusion of vulnerable groups like women and children in all our programming as a way of ensuring that the voice of the marginalised is heard all the time and this ensures that their basic human rights are respected.