Marginalized Communities Advocacy Network (MCAN)

Mogadishu, Somalia
Joined May 2022

Marginalized Communities Advocates Network (MCAN) is a Somali Community-based Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO) established in 2006 in Somalia to assist the venerable minority and marginalized.

Presence in: Somalia, Somaliland
Focus: Children's Rights, Community Organizing, Disability Rights, Education, Ethnic / Religious Minorities' Rights, Gender-based violence

MCAN’s key areas of competency focuses on minority and marginalized communities’ right to peace, right to sustainable livelihood and development, right to protection and human rights, right to quality education, right to access to justice and right to political participation in all areas of Somalia in close collaboration and coordination with community members, national, international and UN organizations and Federal and State level government entities. The key thematic areas include, but not limited to:
• Promotion and protection of fundamental and constitutional human rights
• Eradication of marginalization culture by the existing powers in Somalia through participatory approach and dialogue
• Strengthening communities’ resilience to shocks, tolerance and Peace through civic education and advocacy for equal opportunities and participation by all segments of the communities
• Influencing education system of the country for establishing primary, intermediate and secondary levels scholarships opportunities for the minority/marginalized children who cannot afford to go to school
• Establishing Vocational Training centers for providing technical capacity building trainings to small-scaled minority/marginalized businesswomen in the IDPs, returnees, urban and rural centers.
• Camp coordination and mapping services
• Promoting good governance and improved public service delivery
• Engaging minority/marginalized youth for the state building, reconciliation and peace building efforts of the country.