Manuwani Indonesia

East Jakarta, Indonesia
Joined May 2022

Everyone has the opportunity and strength to grow and develop their potential in all aspects of life in order to build a more socially just and sustainable world. "Don't leave anyone behind."

Presence in: Indonesia
Focus: Disability Rights, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Women's Rights

The Indonesian Manuwani organization was initiated and developed by female sex workers, female survivors and novelist who think alike that women and men have the same space and opportunities to increase their potential in all dimensions of life to create a prosperous life. We believe that there is no justifiable excuse for values that are contrary to just and civilized humanity.

Since June 2019, Manuwani Indonesia has been working with female sex workers in East Jakarta entertainment venues (cafés, spas, salons, massage parlors) to provide knowledge and understanding of women’s reproductive rights, understanding the law for resolving legal cases, and supporting community solidarity groups for cafe workers and massage parlors as a space for storytelling among fellow communities.

As a result, we believe in becoming a part of a grassroots (pro-people) social movement that works with vulnerable and disadvantaged women, especially girls, to create potential resources for fair and equitable women’s independence without undermining human dignity. Our mission to strengthen women’s grassroots leadership to promote the rights of women who are most impacted by stigma, discrimination, and exclusivity, and to have the resources to find innovative solutions for achieving a just, equitable, and compassionate society through women-led development, information and documentation based on women experience and Advocacy