Life Givers Organization

Lahore Pakistan, Pakistan
Joined June 2023

Working for education for children of the poorest parents. Remove barrier of girls education and educate them for better Job

Presence in: Pakistan
Focus: Children's Rights, Education, Gender-based violence, Women's Rights

We work for those are neglected children. Children of poorest parents. Children who run away from house and wandering without their basic rights also. Promote girls education and focus on women empowerment. Its main objective is refining the quality of life of those oppressed, deprived, and exploited in the community. The ones who lay below the poverty line and are more often than not, forced into slavery by those at advantage. The organization strongly adheres to the principle of equality, foremost in education and health amenities and human rights and Environment. Furthermore, this social equality helps in rehabilitation, development, and welfare of the masses. This in turn plays a vital role in the progress of the country.