LEHA Self Help Group

Thika, Kenya
Joined September 2023

LEHA’s Vision is to ensure LBQ persons in Central Kenya region are healthy, empowered, safe and represented.

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: LGBTQI+ Rights

LEHA is an LBQ (Lesbian, Bisexual, and Queer) led organization that operates within the rural parts of Central Kenya region. Founded in 2015 but legally registered under the Ministry of Social Services in 2017 as LEHA SELF HELP GROUP. The region is characterized by a conservative community that forces the LBQ persons to be in the ‘closet’ making it harder for them to access information and services in fear of stigma and discrimination. LBQ persons in these region face a lot of  incidents which include corrective rape, physical and verbal assault, denial of entry to recreational spaces, unlawful dismissals from employment, unlawful evictions, denial of health care, expulsion from schools as well as neglect and ostracization by family members and supportive structures. This also escalates due to the fact that being SGM (Sexual and Gender Minorities) in Kenya is criminalized which not only puts most of the LBQ persons at a high risk of human rights violation but also reduces the chances of them getting the support they require most.

LEHA’S mission is to promote the comprehensive well-being of LBQ women in Mt Kenya region by; facilitating health services, conducting research and generating information, offering empowerment, engaging in Advocacy efforts and ensuring safety and security.