Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center (LPSD)

Hanoi, Vietnam
Joined May 2020
Presence in: Vietnam

LPSD is a Vietnamese non-profit organization. Since 2007 LPSD has worked with communities to use the power of law to protect the environment and promote human rights in Vietnam. With head office in Hanoi, LPSD’s team of lawyers, policy experts, and community support staff work to provide legal advice and advocacy, policy research, and capacity building across our three main program areas: (1) Cases: community-led legal implementation of existing laws to solve local environmental problems such as pollution (2) Training: public interest lawyer and community leader training and development, and (3) Policy: environmental law and policy advocacy and advice.

The four objectives of LPSD are included (1) Communities understand their rights; (2) Communities implement, protect their rights and legitimate interests through legal tools; (3) Strengthening lawfulness; (4) Strengthening current institution